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MATEX is a family company from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which developed from a tailor s salon founded in 1982. More than twenty years ago, we started manufacturing specialized for swimwear and underwear. Modern design and high quality are achieved through cooperation with a great number of international fabric manufacturers and by choosing the best natural materials.
MATEX provides its customers with fine cotton underwear and unique swimwear of modern colors and different patterns. As a recognizable brand in the domestic market, we work with a desire to always bring a new touch of good taste and modern style. MATEX products can be found in all major shopping centers and leading boutiques throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Swimwear of modern design and comfortable underwear made from top quality cotton.
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The expertise of our business, the quality of products and the satisfaction of our customers have been recognized by all renowned stores, which we cooperate with.
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Where are we located?

Matex d.o.o.
Rosulje VI/6
71320 Vogošća
tel/fax: +387 (0)33 243 286


VAT number: 200364190003
ID number: 4200364190003
Tax number: 01846895
Registration number: 065-0-Reg-10-002700

Bank info
račun/account: 3383202250307277
Unicredit Bank d.d. Mostar
Bosna i Hercegovina
IBAN: BA393383204890470446